Alfamart At A Glance

Alfamart's history was started in 1989 by Djoko Susanto and Family. Founded under the name of PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk (Company), which began the business in trading and distribution, then in 1999 entered into retail sector. In 2002 the Company started an exponential expansion through acquiring 141 Alfa Minimart stores and bring a new name, i.e ‘Alfamart’. Alfamart is currently one of the Indonesia leading retailers, serving more than 3.0 million customers daily, with approximately 10,300 stores across Indonesia. Alfamart provides affordable prices, high quality basic daily needs with friendly services, clean and comfortable shopping atmosphere which is easily accessible. With more than 70,000 employees, Alfamart is one of the largest employers in Indonesia.

Alfamart is essentially a community store, therefore it is important that we actively participate in growing our surrounding community through our Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) programs that are divided into Alfamart Care which helps the community through social activities, Alfamart Smart which support the education, Alfamart Sport which sponsors sport activities, Alfamart Clean and Green to keep a healthy environment, Alfamart SMEs helps the small and medium entrepreneurs in the surrounding areas where Alfamart stores operate and Alfamart Vaganza which actively involves in arts and entertainment.

Alfamart is awarded with many prestigious awards from reputable institutions, such as Top Brand Award Superbrands Indonesia Awards, Service Quality Award  Best Brand Award Indonesia’s Most Admire Company . Alfamart has also success in gaining the highest Store Equity Index by Nielsen Research for 6 consecutive years.